Are your employees fully aligned with the promises you make to your customers stakeholders?

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Service pulse

The Service Pulse is an assessment tool for kick-starting organizational internal work on alignment with promises.

It is all about making-, enabling- and keeping promises.

The Service Pulse is based on longitudinal research on promise management. Together with our Service Pulse facilitators and action researchers it serves as your assistants to boost you will be able to walking-the-promise talk,

By boosting your promise readiness, you can enhance your productivity, trustworthiness, and your peoples’ well-being.

“We all want to keep what we promise, and we all expect others to keep what they promise”

When we manage in this, things tend to klick.

At Service Pulse we provide alignment tools and pilot your organization towards an improved and coherent promise readiness.

Our Projects

Service encounter Pulse

The Service Encounter module assesses frontline employees’ alignment with service promises in service encounters. Service Promises set customers’ expectations for value formation and service delivery in service encounters during their entire customer journey. Frontline employees’ promise aligned performance reflects on customers’ value experiences throughout all touchpoints and encounters in the service process. A coherent level of promise alignment is a necessity for successful service delivery.

To be able to fulfil customer promises is a necessity for a high level of employee service motivation and engagement. Service motivation and engagement impact employees’ wellbeing at work. Coherency in promise aligned service performance impacts an organization’s human- as well as financial wellbeing.

Sustainability pulse

Many companies today give ambitious sustainability and corporate responsibility promises. Unfortunately, these are not always known or (seen as credible) by the employees, which eventually hinders the success of these initiatives.With the Sustainability pulse your company can easily measure how aligned the employees are with your corporate social responsibility and sustainability promises. The Sustainability pulse also alerts whenalignment actions are required.

ESG pulse

ESG as an aspect of sustainable investing has been recognized as a pathway for reaching the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). High expectations are placed on ESG investing given global sustainability challenges. In practice it is challenging for companies to live up to sustainability promises on the different ESG aspects.

At Service Pulse we facilitate firms to walk their suitability talk by enhancing employee alignment with the overarching suitability promises. Our methods include contextualizing the promises and integrating it to the investment process work. Based on our insights form our longitudinal research on promise alignment we offer a structured, service design inspired alignment process that advances the organizations ESG readiness.

brand pulse

Brand Promise Pulse module is about employee brand promise alignment. Alignment means that employees think and perform in line with what the firm promises in terms of value to customers i.e., employees emotional buy-in of brand values and propositions, brand supporting behaviour and brand ambassadorship. A brand works as a promise towards the stakeholders of the firm. 

The explicit brand promise is a statement. To live up to the brand position your firm aspires, requires a brand promise aligned to the emotional and behavioural attitude of all your employees

Customer Promise Alignment refers to an organization’s readiness to keep their customer promise and employees’ motivation and engagement to live up to these promises. Research shows evidence that customers expect firms to keep what they promise. Promises raise customers’ expectations  about the brand, service quality and the firm’s CSR role. Therefore, firms need to make sure not to set customer expectations which cannot be met. Expectations can be met when employees are aligned with the promises.

Employees want to live up to customer promises, but promises cannot be successfully kept unless the employees are aligned with these. Promises are made in all communication a firm is engaged in. They are made in different forms, from brand- service and CSR  promises to precise value benefits. In practice promises are often fuzzy.  In practice there is often a Promise – performance Gap: Employees might be unaware what is promised or might not understand what the promises. Promise alignment fills this Promise-Performance Gap.


Customer Promise Alignment – Fill The Promise –Performance Gap!


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