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ESG has been widely used as a marketing puffery which has led to regulators and other stakeholders now closely scrutinizing whether companies are living up to their ESG promises. Failing to do so may harm corporate image.  For an investor a sustainability promise is a commitment to focus on ESG issues in investments.

The ESG alignment process is inspired by promise management: making, enabling, and keeping promises. For a company to live up to its suitability promises in investments, these three aspects must be aligned and the promise has to be integrated with three pillars of ESG throughout the investment process.

What is ESG?

ESG as an aspect of sustainable investing has been recognized as a pathway for reaching the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). High expectations are placed on ESG investing given global sustainability challenges. In practice it is challenging for companies to live up to sustainability promises on the different ESG aspects.

At Service Pulse we facilitate firms to walk their suitability talk by enhancing employee alignment with the overarching suitability promises. Our methods include contextualizing the promises and integrating it to the investment process work. Based on our insights form our longitudinal research on promise alignment we offer a structured, service design inspired alignment process that advances the organizations ESG readiness.

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