Are Your Employees Fully Aligned with The Promises You Make to Your Customers and Stakeholders?

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The aim of our upcoming research is to identify and analyze factors that impact organizational alignment with actionable value propositions (contextualized promises) on a longitudinal basis. The research focuses on exploring factors that enhance the interweaving of actionable value propositions into the service strategy and investment process by company internal expertise infusion. We apply a co-workership approach, and service design inspired methods.

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Why do they make promises that we can't keep?

The question that started our research

our story

This was the eye-opening question that a group of service employees collectively imposed in one of the empirical sessions. The research then departed by exploring barriers to implementing marketing ideas (strategies, concepts and promises) by then researching employees motivation to live up to the value promises that the companies made. 

During the research we encountered a group of employees that were genuinely frustrated of their current situation. The question sounded almost like a cry for help. There was no doubt that the employees were customer focused and motivated to serve their customers. However there were something hindering the employees to “walk the talk”.

Our Research Continues..

Co-worker Alignment with Value Propositions - Project

The objective of this research project is to create an empirically grounded, coworker-oriented Co-worker Value Proposition Alignment Model (Co-Val). The model enhances co-worker readiness to perform in alignment with the organization’s corporate responsibility and sustainability-, and service encounter value propositions.  Co-worker value proposition alignment improves: 

  • co-workers’ motivation, -wellbeing, and -job satisfaction 
  • customer satisfaction 
  • profitability 

The model supports co-workers in performing tasks that align with corporate responsibility-, sustainability-, and service encounter value propositions. Additionally, the model helps organizations involve co-workers in value proposition design.

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"We now understand what a promise is and what our promise means in practice for us. The process has concretized the meaning of the promise, and we have developed tools to help us remember the promise and ensure it is present in everything we do."


"Participating in this research supported us in our transition towards an ESG mindset and in clarifying our qualitative ESG criteria. We allocated time for contextualizing our value propositions. This process escorted us one step further on our ESG journey."

"Shared joy of life and presence also became an internal commitment, shaping how we interact as colleagues. At its best, it becomes a guiding principle for how we treat each other."


"Participating in this research supported us in our process of creating authentic value propositions with our different stakeholders in mind. Applying a bottom-up strategizing mode supported the contextualization of our value propositions."

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