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The Service Encounter Pulse

The service encounter module assesses frontline employees alignment with service promises especially in service encounters. Service encounters are highly relevant for customers’ experiences as frontline employees’ promise aligned performance reflects on customers’ experiences of their entire customer journey. The employee and customer encounter are the joint sphere were value co-creation can occur, and employees can enhance (and destroy) customers’ value creation. A promise aligned performance is highly relevant as it impacts both customers’ experienced value creation and employees’ motivation and wellbeing. Research shows evidence that customers want to do business with reliable companies that live up to what they promise, and frontline employees are motivated by being able to live up to what is promised. 

With the service encounter module your company can easily measure how aligned your employees are with your service promises. It indicates the level of employee service motivation which in turn influences employee wellbeing. The service module of the pulse also alerts when alignment actions are required. 

Walk the Service Talk

The service encounter module is highly relevant for all companies whose business to greater or lesser extent relies on customer journey experience in B2C, such as the hospitality,- care and retail sectors as well as all customer relations in B2B. In partly digitalized customer journeys the real human to human encounter is growing in importance, and employees need and want to walk the service talk.

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